Joel has been climbing now for 6 years. Originally beginning indoors, Joel found a passion for climbing and eventually branched out to absorb as much knowledge of climbing as possible.His favorite type of climbing is traditional or better known in the climbing community as "Trad." His most memorable and favorite climbs are Seneca Rocks, WV and Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT. Not only is Joel our Youth Program coordinator, he's also our Operations Manager, so you'll definitely see him around the gym! Joel loves to be asked questions about climbing, so if you see him around the gym, feel free to say hello!



Elizabeth has joined the team as the head route setter and lead instructor alongside Robert. She began climbing 4 years ago and has since fallen in love with the sport. Elizabeth has climbed in Utah, California, Texas, and New Mexico but her favorite spot is a little cave in White Rock, New Mexico called The Pit. She loves the way climbing has challenged her and would love to encourage others to stretch their physical and mental limits as well. Elizabeth has set routes and taught climbing classes at Texas A&M and looks forward to doing the same at CLIMB Woodlands. She is most excited about the opportunity to support new climbers through coaching techniques and answering any and all questions.



Robert is our lead instructor for the youth classes at CLIMB Woodlands. His first experience with climbing was 3 years ago in Arizona and has loved the sport ever since. Robert quickly grew to enjoy bouldering, but soon found a new love for heights when he moved to The Woodlands. He realized the sense of motivation that climbing gave him to reach his goals, and wanted to assist in guiding other prospective climbers looking to benefit from the sport in the way he has. Robert has gained his lead climbing certification and continues to cultivate his knowledge in traditional climbing daily.