Joel has been climbing now for 6 years. Originally beginning indoors, Joel found a passion for climbing and eventually branched out to absorb as much knowledge of climbing as possible. His favorite type of climbing is traditional or better known in the climbing community as "Trad." His most memorable and favorite climbs are Seneca Falls, WV and Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT. Joel loves to be asked questions about climbing, so if you see him around the gym, feel free to say hello!



Family hikes, trips, and camp outs fostered Holly’s love for nature, which is where she’s most at peace. Introduced to climbing by a friend, Holly fell in love with the sport instantaneously. Despite her early bouldering endeavors, Holly is a sport climber to the core. In fact, you’ll pretty much never see her climb without a rope. She may define outdoor climbing as “kind of scary sometimes,” but when she spots the gnar, you’ll find her leading it with a smile (and perhaps a slight glint of fear in her eyes). Even if she’s not leading, she’s the happiest belayer known to humankind…so if you ever need a catch or some belay advice, she’s the woman! Always anxious to keep climbing and never miss a moment, Holly climbs clip by clip, move by move. One might even say she high-clips, but getting a clip ahead never hurts anybody, does it?