Joel Durden | Lead Instructor


Joel has been climbing now for 6 years. Originally beginning indoors, Joel found a passion for climbing and
eventually branched out to absorb as much knowledge of climbing as possible. His favorite type of climbing is
Traditional or "Trad."
His most memorable and favorite climbs are Seneca Falls, WV and Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT.
Joel loves to be asked questions about climbing, so if you see him around the gym, feel free to say hello!

Hannah Parris | Assistant Instructor/Yoga


Hannah was fortunate enough to find yoga through the local rock climbing community in recent years.
She is professionally certified through Yoga Alliance to teach yoga. She loves the yoga & climbing communities
because it gives her the opportunity to connect with students from all walks of life. Hannah found harmony in connecting
rock climbing and yoga, and wants to bring that harmony to our community here in Magnolia. In her free time, she enjoys
mountain biking, fostering dogs, and being out in nature.

Aerik Johnson | Assistant Instructor

Aerik entered the world of climbing in a different way than most. In 2013, he started working for Outdoor
Escape building custom climbing walls all over the United States. Although he had no prior experience with
climbing, he soon began to fall in love with climbing. He has since climbed outdoors in several states, including
California, Colorado, and Oklahoma. Aerik has been with CLIMB Woodlands from the beginning, from building the
walls to teaching our private lessons. In his free-time, he pursues his passion for writing, producing, and performing
original music.

Zoe Wilburn | Assistant Instructor


In late 2017, shortly after the opening of CLIMB Woodlands, Zoe was asked to help with social media marketing at the gym.
Her passion for the gym to succeed and new found love of climbing led her to join the gym full-time in January 2018. Since then,
she has been managing the facility, coordinating all parties, events, and assisting in climbing classes. Her goal for CLIMB
Woodlands is to bring the climbing community closer to home, and to show our local youth that rock climbing is a fascinating,
fun sport of its own. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her fur babies and family.