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If you're looking to bring a unique experience to your next corporate event, private birthday party, or school festival, our portable rock wall is always a hit! Towering 25 feet above the ground, our mobile climbing wall makes a great interactive centerpiece for any occasion. Climbers of all ages, from 3-95, have enjoyed our mobile rock climbing walls since our owner, Steven Garza, started renting out his original portable wall in 1997. All equipment, staff, set-up & general liability insurance are included in the overall rate for our climbing wall when you book with us. Contact us today for a quote!


What is the minimum age to climb your portable wall?

In our 20 years of experience, children are ready to climb by the time they turn 4. Now, with that said, we've seen kids as young as 3 years climb to the top of our portable wall. If you are thinking to have the rock wall as the main entertainment for your party, I would say that children 5 years and older will get the most enjoyment out of it.

Do I need any previous experience or skills to be able to climb the wall?

The great thing about climbing is that there is no "learning-hump", and anyone, regardless of experience, can get straight to climbing after a brief explanation of the equipment. Our climbing walls are set up with 4 different levels, one for each lane, and they go from extremely easy, with plenty of holds to grab & stand on, to a more challenging lane, yet still easy enough for first timers to get all the way up and enjoy the climb. Our instructing staff are experienced climbers who will be more than happy to guide each climber to the route that best suits them, so that everybody can have fun.

How many participants can climb at one time?

Our portable rock wall has 4 lanes and they can all be used at the same time. On average about 120 participants can climb the wall in one hour - This makes it a perfect rental not only for parties, but for festivals and carnivals. Our wall has been one of the most successful fundraiser booths at our previous events.

Are there age and weight restrictions?

The minimum age to climb is 3 years. Our maximum weight for each lane is 250 pounds. As with any other equipment or game that requires physical exercise, we recommend that participants are in good health, or have checked with their doctor before climbing.

Are there any restrictions as to where we can set the wall up?

Our portable wall is attached to a trailer that lifts them up at set-up, so we can practically set-up anywhere where you can drive a trailer. All that is needed is an 8' x 16' flat footprint of space where we can drive to set-up.

How long will it take for set-up? Will I be charged for set-up?

It takes only 15 minutes for our staff to set-up the wall to be ready for your event. You will not pay for set-up or pick-up time, only for the actual climbing time that you agreed at the time of your reservation.